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s back into texas, into south texas at this time. florida, 78, and then we are finding the bulk of any precipitation today will be in the south. some much-needed areas into trks. the system that will be impacting the west coast. early in the week, we have southern cal dealing with the rain, and looking in the mountains of the southwest, snow in those areas. and then as we head into tuesday, we have a shot of wintry weather into the central parts of the country by tuesday. look out for icing, alex. >> heads up and thanks for that. >>> the fight over the payroll tax cut extension. if it's not passed, how much money will you lose? we will speak with maxine waters next. >>> and alec baldwin's cameo with his recent headline about the airlines. all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems
in texas to, his family. and mitt romney is already in the next state to vote. he's made it very clear that he expects to be the nominee. more than 1200 miles away in new hampshire, mitt romney was already focusing on the next primary state friday night. >> i want you to bring friends to the voting booth. i want it loud and clear message. >> reporter: earlier romney's message was reinforced by popular new jersey governor chris christie who offered iowa voters this playful jab. >> you don't do what you're supposed to do on tuesday for mitt romney, i will be back, jersey style, people. i will be back! >> reporter: romney deflected a question from andrea mitchell over whether he would release his tax returns. >> you know, if i become president, yeah, then i'll consider that. it's a little premature for me to be talking about that at this stage. >> reporter: is there some secret? people know you're wealthy. >> yeah, i understand. >> reporter: there's nothing to hide? >> i agree. nothing to hide. >> reporter: rick santorum tried to build on momentum he's gained. >> we're picking up. we have
christmas, west texas. fresh snow coming down from midland northwards to lubbock. new mexico, much of the state has been covered in snow the last week. unfortunately for those in the dallas/ft. worth area, looks like plain old rain. 48-hour snowfall, west texas, a little in washington state, maybe a tiny bit off the great lakes in upstate new york but not a lot of fresh snow. in other words, if you don't are snow on the ground right now, i can't get you a white christmas. this map shows who has a white christmas. areas in white and blue is where the snowpack is. the green, earth tone, that's where the ground is bare. almost all of the eastern half of the united states is bare. even parts of new england got a little bit yesterday but that's about it. there's been very much a lack of snow so far this winter season. so, your christmas eve forecast, light rain turning into steadier rains for houston, dallas, louisiana, watch out, you'll get drenched throughout tonight into tomorrow. much of the country looks great. your christmas day forecast. louisiana in mississippi, alabama, overall
of the massacre. >>> the state of texas could see the primary date pushed back. the supreme court on friday blocked the use of new legislative maps drawn by federal judges. the new boundaries would have ensured minorities make up the majority and three additional congressional districts. the supreme court says it will hear arguments now on january 9th. >>> tens of thousands are expected to hit the streets here in new york city today for a march and rally against new laws critics say attack voting rights and scores of civil rights, labor and community leaders are taking part in today's stand for freedom event. todd johnson is joining me live from that rally. good morning. let's get to the main message behind today's rally and march. give me a pinpoint message here. >> good morning, alex. well, today's -- today's rally and march which will take place in a few hours, the naacp is focusing on empowering and franchising minority communities who they say are suppressed with some of the new voter restrictions that are being passed in states and have been passed this year. particularly in south car
there in texas. mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies over much of the country. alex, no snowstorms heading our way. there's really no huge shots of cold air either. it's great for getting holiday errands done but doesn't feel like christmas and the holiday season in a lot of places. sooner or later it will come. just not in time for a white christmas. >> i wanted a white christmas. >>> thank you. >>> former prison of war jessica lynch weighs in. >>> negative on newt. iowa caucus goers getting loads of anti-gingrich mail. >>> and in "office politics" doris kerns-goodwin talks about exclusive dinners with the president. i joined the navy when i was nineteen. i was a commissioned officer at twenty-three. i was an avionics... tactical telecommunications... squad leader. i think the hardest transition as you get further into the military is... you know it's going to end one day. chase hired me to be a personal banker. i'm a business analyst... manager. i'm very proud to work for chase. when you hire a veteran, you get... great leadership... decisiveness... focus. chase knows, when you hire a veteran, y
as earlier this week. the other big story in the country is the rain. the rain is coming in through texas where you need it. up through parts of arkansas where there are flood watches and warnings. it spreads through the ohio val any places like detroit and cincinnati through the day today. st. louis, you should be out of it. but still, a little wet weather around as we get into the afternoon. texas, much-needed rain in this drought stricken area. we've been pecking away at the drought. we'll take what we can get. little rock, break in the action but record rain in the month of november for you. more hef toy rain to the north and west. we should see some relief in parts of texas. houston, exceptional drought. although we have lessened it just a bit. we'll continue to get rain here and it should help alleviate some of the very dry conditions. southeast, starting to see drought. as we go through the next couple of days, certainly going to see that moisture head on off toward the east. alex? >>> ray stagich, thanks so much. >>> the saga of a campaign unraveling. a look at where the trouble s
, the last vehicle of the last convoy were from the first cavalry division based at fort hood, texas. they were driving this vehicle selected to be at the end of the convoy because they were serving a medivac function in case something had gone wrong. they would have been called in to provide assistance. but nothing on this final march out of iraq did go wrong. it all went smoothly, alex. >> i got chills as i saw the video you provided of the gating shut and locked. that's quite something. thank you very much. we'll see you again in the next hour. >>> race in america and why the comparisons between president obama and president clinton continue. we'll be speaking with former virginia governor, douglas wilder. newt gingrich and his challenge in iowa. is it possible that his lead is narrowing or disappearing? >>> plus, flipping out. the story behind a chevy and a nailbiter of a stunt here on weeken "weekends with alex witt." are we going to show the whole thing? i don't know. when i was nineteen. i was a commissioned officer at twenty-three. i was an avionics... tactical telecommunicat
on the cool side. temperatures in the 40s and storms possible in texas with temperatures in the upper 60s and 70s. we'll take whatever rain we can get because of the drought conditions there. on sunday, increasing clouds in the northeast and still looking pretty mild. >> okay. we're loving that for here in the northeast. thank you, chris warren. >>> lady gaga's new outrageous video. must see or must avoid? we'll give you a look. ones i've made. ones we've all made. about marriage. children. money. about tomorrow. here's to good decisions. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. massmutual. we'll help you get there. congratulations. congratulations. today, the city of charlotte can use verizon technology to inspire businesses to conserve energy and monitor costs. making communities greener... congratulations. ... and buildings as valuable to the bottom line... whoa ! ... as the people inside them. congratulations. because when you add verizon to your company, you don't just add, you multiply. ♪ discover somethin
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)